Our Story

During the late 1800s, the Gulf Coast was booming. New railways, more roadways, and busy ports made travel and transport
easier. Local connections expanded across the region and around the world. Cities and towns thrived; and visionary citizens
became gatekeepers for extraordinary opportunities.

In the bustling waterfront community of Bay St. Louis, Miss., and the thriving port city of New Orleans, La., two new banks were booming, too. South Mississippians counted on Hancock Bank to help manage a turn-of-the-twentieth-century economy rooted in agriculture, seafood, timber, and tourism. Sixty miles to the west, the Crescent City and its own Whitney Bank organization flourished in the economic wake of the World Cotton Expo.

Throughout the new century, the banks grew with the communities they served. Many other local banks became part of Hancock
and Whitney. As Hancock and Whitney entered up-and-coming economic centers around the Gulf South, each bank quickly
became a recognized catalyst and trusted partner for opportunity.

Generations of Hancock and Whitney associates faithfully tended the banks’ legacies. They helped people manage and protect
their hard-earned money by making decisions and delivering service according to solid, century-old founding principles. Those
ideals carried each bank through decades of national crises, natural disasters, and social change and remained at the heart of
how Hancock and Whitney helped people and communities succeed.

In December 2010, Hancock and Whitney decided to come together. The two neighbors had always shared similar history, geography, and values. Merging was a strategic next step in the relationship, creating a larger, stronger Gulf South banking
leader grounded in regional traditions and poised for regional success.

Your Future

More than 100 years ago, our founders saw clear needs for banking organizations anchored in values, reinforced by resilience,
and structured for the future. From their visions, they forged business foundations embodying the character, commitment, and
sense of community that set the region apart. Today, our Hancock Holding Company financial services family carries on that remarkable lineage of Gulf South banking excellence.

Through Hancock Bank locations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida and Whitney Bank locations in Louisiana and Texas,
we provide a comprehensive network of full-service financial choices for our clients, including traditional and online banking; commercial and small business banking; energy banking; private banking; trust and investment services; certain insurance services; mortgage services; and consumer financing.

Each day, thousands of associates reaffirm our mission to help people achieve their financial goals and dreams. We work hard
to create opportunities for people and the communities we serve—our purpose for coming to work every day. We embrace core values that keep us strong, help us grow, and define how we do business: Honor & Integrity, Strength & Stability, Commitment
to Service
, Teamwork, and Personal Responsibility.

At our organization, our heritage unites us; our core values guide us; and our commitment to the Gulf South inspires us to help
build a strong future for the special place we proudly call “home.”